Brief Introduction of PCB Printed Circuit Boards

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PCB means printed circuit board, and some people call it pcb printed circuit board. PCB Printed Circuit Boards are an important kind of electronic component. PCB Printed Circuit Boards are the support of electronic parts and components. Whats more, PCB Printed Circuit Boards are the isotopic carrier of the connections between the different electronic parts and components. Why do we call it printed? Because PCB Printed Circuit Boards apply electron printing.

The Function of PCB Printed Circuit Boards
When electronic equipment adopts the PCB printed circuit boards, which sures the consistency of the same kind of PCB printed circuit boards, it can avoid the errors because of artificial connection, and can realize automatic instrumentation and SMT electronic components, automatic soldering and automatic detection. All these ensure the quality of the electronic equipment, improve the labor productivity, reduce the cost, and make it easy to maintain.

The development of pcb ״ԪƱƽ̨printed circuit boards
From single pcb printed circuit boards to double side pcb printed circuit board then to multi-layer pcb printed circuit boards and flexible pcb printed circuit boards, all these pcb printed circuit boards keep their fast development trend. Due to constant development in different items: such as the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability, shrinking volume, reducing costs, and improving performance, PCB printed circuit boards still maintained a strong vitality in the future development of the electronic equipment engineering.

The future technology development of pcb printed circuit boards is basically consistent in China and other contries. It is that pcb printed circuit boards suppliers devote themselves to developing pcb printed circuit boards with high density, high precision, small aperture, thin wire, small spacing, high reliability, multiple stratification, high-speed transmission, and light weight. China pcb printed circuit boards manufacturers also devote to improving productivity, reducing costs of producing pcb printed circuit boards and reducing pollution. China pcb printed circuit boards manufacturers also adapt to small batch production but with various kinds of pcb printed circuit boards. The development of technology level of pcb printed circuit boards, generally based on the width of lines, aperture of pcb circuit board, and the specific value between the thickness of pcb circuit board and the diameter of aperture.

The History of PCB Printed Circuit Boards

The creator of the PCB printed circuit boards is an Austrian, Paul Eisler. In 1936, he first adopted the pcb printed circuit boards on the radio. In 1943, in the United States, more people will use the technology of pcb printed circuit boards in military radio. In 1948, the United States Government formally ratified that pcb printed circuit boards can be used for commercial purposes. Since the mid 1950s, pcb printed circuit boards began to be widely used. Before there were PCB printed circuit boards,  interconnection between the electronic components are relied on the wire directly connecting. Just now, wire is just applied and tested in the laboratory. PCB printed circuit boards in the electronics industry have certainly occupy the position of absolute control.

China PCB Printed Circuit Boards

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